Healthcare is shifting to digitally enhanced and highly connected patient care, making it more reliant on quality network connections. Quality coverage can provide information to a medical professional that results in more timely and better-informed decisions. It can also empower hospital employees to streamline their workflows and gain access to information that ultimately improves patient care.

Hospitals need wireless network infrastructure that is cost-effective, comprehensive, secure, and intelligent to ensure low latency and reliability.

Network Engineering

QuadGen has repeatedly demonstrated its expertise by creating cost-effective, comprehensive, and intelligent wireless network infrastructure within the healthcare industry. Whether it be pharmaceutical manufacturing or top tier hospital facilities QuadGen understands the unique challenges for building solutions for healthcare. We have designed, integrated and optimized hundreds of full turnkey solutions including Wi-Fi, small cell, CBRS, and DAS.


The Future of Healthcare

Hospital systems are handling more data than ever before and facing challenges with reliability, quality of service, security, and scalability. These challenges will continue to gain traction in the years to come. With the right network solution, hospitals can be prepared for ever increasing data utilization and security requirements.