Campus and higher learning environments are expected to offer a highly accessible and reliable network connection to faculty, staff, and students.

Students and professors are utilizing more connected devices than ever before. Tablets, laptops, smartphones, and smartwatches all need adequate capacity to operate simultaneously. Campus environments are expanding, forcing their networks to grow with them and adjust for multiple scenarios indoors and outdoors. 

Network Engineering

QuadGen has proven engineering expertise and experience delivering network solutions for campus environments. We understand the unique structure of a campus environment and the importance of implementing fixed wireless access solutions that address both coverage and capacity for students and faculty.

College campuses need network connectivity.

The Future of Education

We have seen the importance of network connectivity in relation to education. As life returns to some form of normality, we recognize the true need for connectivity. Whether learning occurs in-person or at home, a capable network is required for a productive learning environment. This dependence will continue to increase as new technology emerges to improve the learning experience.