Solutions for Every Industry

No matter your industry we have the network solution you need.

Tailored Solutions

Every industry relies on network connectivity. Whether they require connectivity for their employees’ daily operations, or their business is completely dependent on automation, every industry needs a network that can handle its data securely, while providing optimal coverage and capacity.  We have spent over a decade designing, deploying, and optimizing solutions across a wide range of industries. 

Delivering Results Across Industries


Wireless operators, cable companies, and fiber providers confidently turn first to QuadGen as experts in telecommunications and networking domains. Our ability to rapidly deliver high-quality OEM independent engineering services across access and core networks is unmatched in the industry.

General Contractors

Civil Construction vendors and Program Management shops rely on their partnership with QuadGen to provide integrated solutions for radio, core, and fiber network projects. These relationships allow our construction partners to focus on on-site construction and program management activities while we deliver high-quality on-time engineering, integration, and optimization services.

Utility Companies

Utilities are modernizing their infrastructure, deploying smart meters, and beginning their connected IoT journey. QuadGen is a leader in engineering advanced network solutions with experience in connected devices, large scale networks, and efficient operations.

Government & Municipality

Government entities now more than ever need secure and reliable network connections. With the significant amount of sensitive data these entities handle, they cannot compromise on ultra-high security. QuadGen has an established track record of deploying and optimizing network solutions within this industry that enhance speeds and provided state-of-the-art security.

Real Estate & Large Enterprise

Landlords and Telecommunications Managers are increasingly expected to provide high-quality wired and wireless communication systems to the people and machines occupying a facility. QuadGen is a leader in determining exceptional telecommunication solutions and delivering that solution so that your users, devices, and equipment can communicate seamlessly.

Sports & Entertainment Venues

Providing real-time, high-quality, high-throughput, and high-capacity access is an expectation of both venue owners and the people who pay to attend large events. QuadGen is a leader in designing, building, integrating, or even just adding capacity in this challenging RF environment.


Campus and higher learning environments are expected to offer a highly accessible and reliable network connection to the faculty, staff, and students. QuadGen has proven engineering expertise and experience delivering network solutions for campus environments.


In the hospitality industry, providing guests with a positive experience is essential, which demands a reliable wireless connection. Rural areas to city centers, require individualized solutions with consideration of interference or dead zones. QuadGen is capable of providing exceptional solutions at scale that supply guests and employees with faster speeds and a secure network.


Healthcare professionals are shifting to digitally enhanced and highly connected patient care, making them more reliant on quality network connections. QuadGen has repeatedly demonstrated their expertise in this industry by creating cost-effective, comprehensive, and intelligent private network infrastructure.

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