Real Estate & Large Enterprise

Landlords and Telecommunications Managers are increasingly expected to provide high-quality wired and wireless communication systems to the people and machines occupying a facility. Strong network infrastructure adds value to consumers, businesses, and first responders.

Whether it is private LTE/5G or a multi-carrier wireless solution, QuadGen has deep experience supporting the enterprise. QuadGen provides full-turnkey DAS implementation including wireless carrier onboarding. QuadGen also works with the local AHJ’s when a Public Safety DAS (PDAS) is required. Finally, we were the first system integrator in the CBRS alliance and have deployed CBRS solutions for customers for over 3 years.

Network Engineering

QuadGen provides carrier agnostic solutions nationwide. We specialize in expansion, system optimization, carrier growth, and RF optimization. Our in-building wireless solutions include managed Wi-Fi, Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Public Safety or Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC), Small Cell, and Private LTE/CBRS. QuadGen provides industry-leading DAS commissioning and installation (4G/5G/CBRS) and have engineered or designed over 10 million square feet of Small Cell and DAS.

The Future of Real Estate & Enterprises

Acting as a value driver, comprehensive wireless infrastructure offers a competitive edge for enterprises and real estate. Network demand is growing exponentially, requiring greater capacity, security, and coverage with lower latency. Having an experienced partner, who can garner approvals, makes network deployments and upgrades seamless.