QuadGen has the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional
Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) solutions.

Innovation Band

QuadGen was the first system integrator in the CBRS alliance. We delivered FCC-approved CBRS pre-commercial trials. We have experience working for mobile operators, cable companies, fiber providers, and private enterprises delivering CBRS solutions. QuadGen not only has the wireless expertise to deliver CBRS solutions today, but we have worked with this technology since its inception.

OEM Equipment & SaaS Agnostic


Spectrum as a Service​

With CBRS and its SaaS technology, spectrum can be sliced dynamically to deliver solutions for wireless carriers, fiber providers, and private enterprises. CBRS whether it is licensed or unlicensed spectrum creates new opportunities to solve business problems with technology. 

Licensed Spectrum

For customers who have acquired CBRS licenses to solve for specific use cases, QuadGen has the experience to design and deliver your solutions.

Unlicensed Spectrum

CBRS has the ability to solve coverage and capacity problems that Wi-Fi simply cannot.

Equip For Future Technology

Spectrum as a service is a scalable solution that can best position you for the future of technology including 5G, IoT, and private LTE.


Industry Use


That are looking to extend coverage and capacity of their 4G and 5G networks.


Can utilize this spectrum to set up their own private 4G and 5G networks and connect IoT.

Fiber Providers

CBRS is a great technology to solve last mile issues and offload usage for companies that use an MVNO.

Building Management Companies

Who want secure private networks to provide competitive offerings.



Last-Mile Access

QuadGen has delivered fixed wireless broadband using CBRS to solve the last mile fiber challenge that is a common pain point for fiber companies and MSOs.

Remote Broadband Wireless Access

FWB using CBRS delivers cost-effective high-speed broadband to remote and rural areas. With an increasing demand for bandwidth in these underserved markets, these solutions offer significant potential for innovation.

In-Building Coverage

CBRS increases coverage and capacity while ensuring security and reliability in both public and private wireless networks.

See our Solutions in Action

Read about real-world projects QuadGen has designed, deployed, and optimized.