Sports & Entertainment Venues

Providing real-time, high-quality, high-throughput, and high-capacity access is an expectation of both venue owners and the people who pay to attend large events.

Stadiums provide uniquely challenging environments, with many venues having a combination of both outdoor and indoor needs. This, paired with their solid structures and significant capacity, demand innovative network solutions. QuadGen has designed, built, and optimized stadium DAS solutions for multiple NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL arenas. 

Network Engineering

When stadiums are full, venue owners need a wireless network that maximizes the fan experience and drives opportunity for additional revenue. QuadGen is a leader in designing, integrating, and expanding capacity in these challenging RF environments. We have years of experience outperforming connectivity expectations, due to our unique software capabilities and breadth of talented engineers.


The Future of Stadiums and Venues

Although COVID-19 has changed in-person attendance across the world, stadiums are expected to return to full capacity by 2022. With more connected devices than ever and greater expectations for network performance, it is crucial to select a partner who can provide a reliable and scalable optimized network.