General Contractors

GCs and turf vendors upgrade and deploy the RAN networks of the telecommunications industry. Civil Construction vendors and Program Management shops rely on their partnership with QuadGen to provide integrated solutions for RAN, core, and fiber network projects. 

QuadGen’s tools and process automation in support of L&A companies and field integrators improves crew utilization and ensures your teams minimize the amount of time required on a site. QuadGen today, works directly with AT&T, DISH, T-Mobile, Verizon, and other telcos as well as their supplier community. 

Network Engineering

QuadGen's proprietary in-house software is OEM agnostic with a focus on process automation and delivery quality control. It provides our engineers with the ability to work with any OEM platform such as Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, and Mavenir. We provide 24/7/365 support that's tailored to the needs of the customer and market. QuadGen is staffed with senior program managers and engineers with years of experience. We provide full OSS support including Pre-construction, Health Checks during and upon Construction Complete, Alarm Clearing, and War Room Support.

The Future of GCs

As network complexity increases, strategic partnerships with industry-leading experts will be critical. We have supported construction firms from 3G to 4G to 5G, and now to ORAN. QuadGen works with GCs and turf vendors to ensure efficient crew utilization while delivering quality results for telecommunications customers.