Government & Municipality

Government entities now more than ever need secure and reliable network connectivity. With the significant amount of sensitive data these organizations handle, security and network integration are paramount. The ability to provide services or fulfill the mission of a given government department is becoming increasingly important as technology advances.

QuadGen has engineered, designed, deployed, and integrated solutions at the local, state, and federal levels across a variety of governmental programs. 

Network Engineering

From private LTE and 5G to smart city solutions, QuadGen deploys and optimizes networks for government entities that enhance capacity and speed, while providing state-of-the-art security. As a smart cities master system integrator, we have engineered and delivered large scale projects that include domains of IP, Optics, IoT, and Wi-Fi.

The Future of Municipalities

Like the rest of our technology, cities are becoming smarter. Network connectivity is providing innovative solutions regarding smart parking, smart light pools, waste management, video surveillance, and more. By improving network connectivity, we create solutions that improve operational efficiency, advance environmental sustainability, and create a more desirable standard of life.