PIM Remediation &
RF Compliance

QuadGen has run PIM & other interference elimination programs
on behalf of wireless carriers nationally.

Solving Challenges

Spectrum interference can greatly degrade your wireless network. QuadGen assists wireless companies solve the challenges of spectrum interference and PIM using our unique combination of tools and engineering talent. We also help wireless companies maintain compliance with FCC mandates.  

Spectrum Interference & Emissions

QuadGen has helped wireless operators ensure that they have clean spectrum environment. Whether it is solving the challenges of PIM, handling border interference, or analyzing MPE/EME QuadGen has the experience and track record to deliver. 

Active Testing

PIM Remediation

We work with wireless carriers and GCs to solve PIM proactively. Once PIM has been eliminated we bring the cell site up to full power and alarm free.

Remote Testing

QuadGen uses its tools and software to identify the signature of PIM or other interference on cell site sectors remotely.


QuadGen works across wireless carriers to handle boundary and border interference issues while minimizing finger pointing and costs.

PIM Remediation

  • QuadGen Engineers utilized tools and software to detect the signatures of PIM and other interference on your network. 
  • QuadGen has the ability to dispatch, program manage, and support crews in the field to correct the sources of PIM. 
  • Once PIM has been eliminated QuadGen engineers bring up the site to full power and in an alarm free status.  
  • QuadGen then provides full close out documentation to wireless carriers of the final configuration of their alarm free site. 

Spectrum Interference and RF Compliance

  • QuadGen works across wireless carriers to identify spectrum interference particularly along borders and between adjacent MSAs/RSAs
  • QuadGen makes recommendations and can optimize wireless networks to eliminate the sources of spectrum interference. 
  • QuadGen supports wireless carriers FCC compliance activities for EME/MPE.
  • QuadGen has the capability to dispatch and program manage field crews solving the issues of interference and FCC compliance.

See our Solutions in Action

Read about real-world projects QuadGen has designed, deployed, and optimized.