RF Services

We have the experience to design, test, and optimize RF networks
across the world.

Design, Testing, & Optimization

We provide a full suite of RF engineering services across all RF protocols – 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, etc. We are experts in RF – designing, testing, and optimizing RF networks across the world. QuadGen offers a full breadth of capabilities, skills, services, and tools to design and optimize networks. Our experienced, highly-trained team of RF engineers are experts at applying RF design, analysis, and optimization techniques with multi-vendor and multi‐technology expertise including 5G, VoLTE, LTE, LTE-A, and CBRS.

QuadGen has an in-house proprietary RF tool suite to accelerate the collection, analysis, and optimization of RF environments. Our feature‐based parameter and neighbor list optimization aligns with any operator’s gold parameter list. QuadGen is proficient in applying layer management strategies across multiple carriers and technologies.

Full Breadth Of Performance Skills And Tools To Optimize Networks​
● Efficient and cost-effective optimization techniques
● Tools and practices aligned with industry processes
● Feature‐based parameter optimization, Gold Standard parameter audits
● Neighbor list creation and neighbor list optimization
● Layer management strategies across multiple carriers and technologies
● Baseline, iterative, and real‐time optimization drive testing
● Experienced in both 4G and 5G including 5G SA and NR across multiple frequencies
KPI Monitoring And Analysis​
● OSS/WMS/SAM alarm analysis and correlation with degraded equipment and transport elements
● Call Trace Analysis for KPI Improvements –Accessibility, Retainability, Mobility
● In-depth investigation for throughput improvement and optimization
● Site and cluster level KPI trending and optimization
Driverless and Drive Based Cluster Optimization
● Layer 2 and Layer 3 analysis to identify the root cause of dropped calls and access failures with inter-carrier/multiple technology capability
● Correlation of Cell Trace Data with Network KPI’s to identify Parameter Updates for Optimum Cluster Performance
● Coverage Optimization recommendations for Tilts, Azimuth, and Rad Center Changes
● Extensive experience with Site Go-Live processes and best practices for all major U.S. carriers
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We Provide

Macro RF Managed Services


5G/LTE RF Optimization Services

5G/LTE RF Performance and KPI Monitoring Services


Drive Based and Driverless Testing Services

Benchmark Drives and Reporting for Competitive Analysis​

● Ability to benchmark multiple technologies (5G, VoLTE, LTE)
● High visibility trouble resolution and performance improvement drive-based and driverless testing
● Company-owned equipment supporting RF interference isolation and mitigation activities
● Network Implementation drive-based and driverless testing support
● Re‐homes, New Site Builds, E911, New Feature Implementation, and FFA testing

Breadth of Resources Capable of Supporting Multiple Technologies:

● National coverage equipped with Carrier Class Drive and Walk Test Equipment
● QuadGen owns and operates industry-standard data collection and data processing tools and systems
● Tools include JDSU, TEMS, NEMO, and ACTIX

Drive Test Team Planning and Coordination:

● Remote Support Center provides on‐call troubleshooting for all field teams to avoid delays and mitigate issues
● Internal MOPs for efficiencies in kit configurations, escalation paths, and troubleshooting
● Drive Teams trained for industry mandated drive configurations

See our Solutions in Action

Read about real-world projects QuadGen has designed, deployed, and optimized.