Smart Cities

An innovative network engineering solutions company for
smart city projects.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities enable both municipalities and residents with advances services, greater public safety, and higher efficiency. The main goal is to make the lives of its residents easier. A system that is highly connected can improve things like transportation, accessibility, and improve sustainability. QuadGen has engineered and delivered large scale smart cities as a master systems integrator. 

Smart City Break Down

QuadGen partners with the worlds top technology companies to build a complete end-to-end smart city solution. From wireless to fiber to smart parking to public safety, QuadGen has real world experience delivering innovative solutions. 

QuadGen Managed Network Service Suite

1. Managed IP over Optical platforms.

2. Develop and deploy appropriate wireless technology – 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, CBRS.

3. Managed and Hosted Data Center Services.

4. Managed Smart Parking Systems.

5. Managed Small City NoC Operations.

6. Managed Smart Pole / Lighting

See our Solutions in Action

Read about real-world projects QuadGen has designed, deployed, and optimized.