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Today many enterprises struggle to obtain quality indoor network capacity and coverage. QuadGen was requested to design and build wireless infrastructure for a large office to ensure a secure, private network. The objective was to cost effectively fulfill their data capacity demand, while ensuring superior speed and low latency.

Scope of Work

  • RF Design, Grid-Gateway Mapping, LAN design​
  • RN Install, CAT6 Runs, L2 Switches, Aggregation Switch, Service Node & SIAD Install​
  • Switch & Router Configuration​
  • Integration & Call Testing​, NEA, E911​
  • Antenna Validation, RSSI & VSWR Readings​
  • RF Optimization – Standards/Parameter Audits, Health Checks, KPI Monitoring


Through this deployment, we significantly reduced the amount of back-haul required while ensuring low latency. Our solution leveraged existing broadband connections, to provide a low-cost way to boost coverage, capacity, and service. This improved network speed, provided greater security, and produced a stronger signal, ensuring complete coverage throughout the enterprise. The end result is an office space that enables productivity on a reliable and secure network.

Hospitals are becoming more shifting to highly-connected patient care.
Case Study

Hospital Small Cell

Hospitals are becoming more reliant on quality network connections. They are shifting to digitally enhanced and highly connected patient care.

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Phone: +1 (484) 944-0009
Fax: +1 (484) 944-0007
Email: Marketing@QuadGen.com