CBRS Fixed Wireless


A Multiple-System Operator requested QuadGen’s support to implement a last mile turnkey solution that would provide fixed broadband access to multiple buildings. CBRS is a practical alternative to last mile fiber for delivering broadband services. One of the greatest concerns with CBRS is interference among shared users. It is imperative for those using this spectrum to find a balance between utilizing capacity and avoiding interference among incumbent entities.

Scope of Work

  • Design, deploy, and commission a fixed wireless access system based on CBRS.
  • Network Design Goal: Maximize coverage and minimize interference among multiple dwellings.

Design Specifications

  • Minimum values for Living Unit qualification (Data rates are all TCP @ 85% of Physical Layer rates): Utilizing Massive MIMO with Beamforming
  • 64T64R:16 beams 10Mbps DL/1Mbps UL
  • RSRP > -110 dBm
  • SINR  > 6dB
  • Median Sector SINR >=16dB
  • Average* Sector SINR >= 12dB
  • 40Mbps DL /2Mbps UL


Our solution enabled complete coverage and capacity without interference or pilot contamination. This MSO is now operating on a secure and efficient network. CBRS will continue to be part of the wireless space, and it can be an economical solution to providing fixed broadband connections to notoriously under-severed markets. QuadGen has the expertise and experience to deliver superior CBRS solutions.

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